In the past, owning and maintaining a swimming pool has required a great deal of attention and effort. This would often deter many would-be pool owners from investing in a pool of their own. Today, pool automation allows you to have complete control of your pool and spa with the touch of a button.

Maximize your pool and spa enjoyment while saving money, time, and energy!

Recent technology with pool automation systems allow you to integrate your pool and backyard components to your smartphone, tablet or desktop giving you the ability to control and monitor features such as temperature, pool lighting, landscape lighting, waterfalls, jets and pump run time from anywhere at any time.

Have the pool or spa ready to use as soon as you get home!

Our automation systems are compatible with virtually all residential Wi-Fi and Ethernet networks and works with the use of free Apple and Android apps. The set-up is quick and easy. Once you’ve downloaded the app and have created a user-account the app will guide you through simple instructions on how to connect your backyard to your device. This user-friendly platform makes owning and maintaining a beautiful pool and backyard much more enjoyable!  Contact Westfair today to learn more about the benefits of pool automation.